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"… A vocalist fast becoming one of the music's more daring chanteuses… this record simmers with emotion almost like a slow burn as the singer continues to showcase exquisite intonation, phrasing and sense of time… Melody Diachun has negotiated her way through this record with soulful confidence and gives notice that her vocal prowess is on the rise and is easy to be mesmerized by." read complete review
Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine

Vancouver Lifesyles Magazine
“Part of why singing is so enjoyable is this idea of the breath. You’re inspiring. You’re breathing in air and you’re letting it go at a prescribed rate, just like you would in meditation. It’s the song that dictates how you breathe…" read complete article
Katie Malloch "'Sensual' is the word!… Melody flows effortlessly between her own compositions and those of others" - Katie Malloch, CBC Radio host
Vancouver Sun
"Diachun’s clear–voiced delivery and adherence to straight melody lines are more Sarah McLachlan than Sarah Vaughan…" read complete review
Sheila Jordan
“Lullaby of the Leaves is a wonderful recording–-I'm glad you’re keeping jazz alive!”  - Sheila Jordan, Jazz Vocalist & Educator
Kenny Werner
"You have perfect phrasing! It's scary." - Kenny Werner, Jazz Pianist & Author
"A breathy yet funky sound ...Melody is a mainstay here at TONIC." - Tim Tamashio, host of CBC Radio's TONIC

"MELODY DIACHUN is one of the world's finest young jazz composers and vocalists." - Gerry Young, Producer, By-the-Way Productions, BRAVO!TV

Vancouver Sun
"Her unembroidered, pitch-perfect voice is a natural for ballads and just as clear when the tempo jumps…" read complete review
Jack "You're my favourite singer in town… and I HATE singers!" - Jack Stafford, Saxophonist

"There are so many gal singers trying so hard to emulate Sarah, Billie, Carmen, Ella, Betty and on and on, and it so hard to reach their level and their style. Even Sinatra did not want to sound like Pery Como or Bing Crosby. Finding one's niche and style is the way to go. Sometimes it emerges when one does not do the material of the significant others.
Then at 8am this morning I put on this cd by Melody, and to my pleasant surprise, lo and behold, Melody emerges from what I mentioned, "away from the legends of Female jazz singers", and finds her niche in the material she and her significant other, Doug, put together: A smooth jazz concept that showcases Melody’s very tasty, sultry sweet voice with a hint of a Gino Vanelli sound, and the right touch for what should be a lot of air time  in the “smooth” radio concept world wide.
Kudos to her and producer–husband Doug Stephenson. This cd should be heard. I give it 4 stars out of 5! Don't miss Melody wherever she plays. She has the feel and the touch.
And then  bam! I listen to her sing this beautiful standard “Lazy Afternoon” in the midst of all her special material, and it is a glorious cut ala Shirley Horne…Melody hit a "home run" with the John Latouche standard. Just beautiful,  as were the arrangements and the gentle touch from all the musicians who played with such feeling. Thank you Melody!"

- Kenny Colman, Jazz vocalist & recording artist
Upbeat Magazine
" . . . Dreams & Places is the most pleasant and easy listening vocal CD I have heard in a long time . . . All the original compositions are excellent from a melodic, lyrical and chordal musical standpoint . . . This CD is a great example of a commercial/jazz production that makes total listening sense . . ." read complete review
"The trio on Lullaby of the Leaves play like they’ve been with each other for a while. There seems to be a tight, near-telepathic rapport here ..." read complete review

"... ' I've always admired artists who were able to do something highly musical without being flashy or bombastic,' Diachun says ..." read complete article

"Former Montreal vocalist, MELODY DIACHUN, a recent arrival to Vancouver, does a great job on jazz standards, but it’s her original material that catches the ear on Lullaby of the Leaves ..." read complete review
"It’s hard to keep up with all the jazz vocalists emerging in these singer-saturated days, but Canadian singer MELODY DIACHUNis worth keeping up with ..."

read complete review

"... Her recently released, self-produced CD titled Lullaby of the Leaves, is a soothing, twilight companion. It includes originals and such gems as You and the Night and the Music ..." read complete review

"... As the title suggests, DIACHUN turns her pure voice and unembroidered style to several jazz standards ..." read complete review

"... highly creative and innovative...sultry vocals ... smoky, low voice... in songs she has written she uses language well, capturing images and feelings, reaching out to her listeners ..." read complete review
Dal Richards
"MELODY DIACHUN is the quintessential vocalist, reminiscent of those great 'girl singers' of the past - Ella, Peggy, Sarah, Helen and the rest. MELODY'S voice and feel for the music are a joy to hear as she delivers her repertoire with flare, elan, and her own unique style." - Dal Richards, Radio host, Band leader
The Late, Great Louis Trono, Bandleader
"First and foremost I found MELODY DIACHUN to have a lovely voice and great presentation on the bandstand. She was well-received by our audiences and I was very impressed by her large and varied repertoire. Unlike many female vocalists, MELODY always knows what key she sings in!"
Thom Killingsworth, Former Food & Beverage Director, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
"MELODY's charming presence and repertoire have been a delight to our sophisticated, international clientele."
Tim Morrison
Food & Beverage Director
Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
“MELODY DIACHUN is very popular at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Positive customer feedback and increased revenue say it all! We look forward to her return engagement.”

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