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ANNOUNCING: NEW EP online now!  Podcast

YAAAYYY!! My new recording "Get Back to the Groove" is now available far and wide online, on my new websiteiTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify… I hope you like it! Please share and if you feel so inclined, leave me a review. I appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project: Clinton Swanson, Mark Spielman, Tony Ferraro, Chris Andrew, Chris Gestrin, Andrew Matthews, Jamie Sitar, Louis Bockner, Eli Muro, Seth Goldberg, Lisa Reedy, and especially to Doug Stephenson.


  1. That's What Delete Is For

Anatomy of a Vocal Session - Cast of "Grease" 

My good friend Sydney Black of Black Productions is presenting the musical "Grease" here in Nelson, BC from May 24th through the 27th at the Capitol Theatre. Today I get to work with a few members of the cast in one-on-one vocal sessions. Although these sessions are short, usually about 30 minutes, it's amazing what we can accomplish. It usually goes like this…

  1. Talk: "What do find challenging about singing?"
  2. Assessment: Run through simple exercise from medium-low range up through register shifts. No need to go too high with this.
  3. Exercises: Based on what I just heard, run through some custom exercises to help address issues that are specific to this singer.
  4. Repertoire: We get right into the nitty-gritty of the challenging spots in their songs. Sometimes a simple shift in mindset or "shape" of a vowel can make all the difference.
  5. Review

My goal and pleasure is to see these singers walk out the door looking forward to their next rehearsal. Rewarding work!

One month to go! 

Today marks the one-month countdown to the release of my new recording "Get Back to the Groove" and the first date of the Alberta/BC tour! 

Next on the agenda for the band is to fold in some rehearsals to work on background vocals. The guys don't sing on every song–far from it!–but, for the right song, it adds so much. Still a lot to do for our little tour but I'm really excited for this rare chance to play a bunch of shows in a row. We've even added my brand new arrangement for my favourite Tragically Hip song. Hope to see you out there!